Rookie Night

Wednesday 5th May, 6pm; free of charge

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A free, informal softball taster session for guys & girls aged 16 and up.

Softball is a fun, recreational sport, a lot like baseball, except the ball is pitched underarm so everybody can hit it hard!

If you want to get in the game but want to get a head-start, Falcons Rookie Night is for you. We'll take you through some skills, teach you how to throw like an athlete, catch like a pro and hit the ball out of the park.

Players of any ability are very welcome. You'll meet other like-minded rookies as well as our award-winning Falcons coaches, and rediscover softball as the game you never knew you were awesome at!

All equipment is provided - just turn up in your sports gear.

Wednesday 5th May, 6 - 8pm. We'll start promptly with a warmup and then get to work.

If you enjoy Rookie Night, beginners can join the Falcons (it's free), come to weekly practice and get in the team for some matches and tournaments.

Oaklands Park, in front of Chichester Festival Theatre. Tap for a map: location

It's a 10 minute walk from the city centre, and parking is a 2 minute walk south of the ballpark.

Wanna play ball? So do we.

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